Green Mint Tea - Refill Box 6 Pack (72 cubes)
Green Mint Tea - Refill Box 6 Pack (72 cubes)Green Mint Tea - Refill Box 6 Pack (72 cubes)Green Mint Tea - Refill Box 6 Pack (72 cubes)Green Mint Tea - Refill Box 6 Pack (72 cubes)
These recycled paper Refill Boxes contain 6 packs (36 cubes) of Clark's Cubed Green Mint Tea. All are lightly sweetened with 4 grams Organic Cane Sugar and made with our own tea concentrate which we make with teas from the Yunnan region in the South West of China.  We don't put tea grinds in our Clark's Cubes Tea for the same reason you are supposed to take a tea bag out after 3-5 minutes... after 3-5 minutes dry, bitter, unpleasant tannins are extracted from the tea leaves.  You can't over steep our concentrate because the tea has already been made to perfection.  This is also how Clark's Cubes work hot or cold.
There's a citrus y Earl Grey, a fruity Mango Lemon, and a refreshing Green Mint.
Each Travel Tin contains 6 Tea Cubes.  Each Tea Cube makes an 8-12 oz cup of tea.
The Travel Tins are durable and beautiful, great for bringing with you on outdoor adventures, travels, or as a gift.
Use our Refill Boxes to refill your Travel Tin. Also great for stocking up the office.
Clark's Cubes are about sustainable convenience.  Coffee and Tea like a k-cup pod, without pod waste, that you can have anywhere, anytime, any temperature, without equipment. (but if you want, also through your Keurig with a reusable pod!)  Place one cube in your cup and just drop, stir, and enjoy!  Ready in 30 seconds or less hot,  2 minutes iced.