We get asked all the time, "How did you come up with Clark's Cubes?"


Our founder set out to make a convenient plastic free version of a k-cup or instant packet. He did just that with Clark's Cubes. It turns out it's also perfect for the outdoors. No equipment needed. Coffee and Tea Cubes Ready in 30 seconds or less, hot, and 2 minutes iced.


While working in the bottled beverage industry, our founder, Chris Clark, frequently noticed how everyone uses and loves coffee pods, bottled drinks, powder packets, etc. Unfortunately, all of those convenient options come in wasteful plastic containers.  


You might be thinking, “We love great drinks and we don’t like waste. Why does there have to be wasteful single-serving plastic packaging for all my convenient pre-portioned coffee and tea options?” We wondered the same thing.


Chris began experimenting in his kitchen to create a delicious, convenient, and sustainable option for himself and others while preventing plastic packaging waste from entering the already overflowing waste stream.


Clark’s Cubes were born. They're just as easy to prepare as coffee pods or drink packets but without the waste contributing to microplastics(link) and our ocean trash islands (link).  They're way easier than brewing drip coffee or steeping tea bags as well.


Just pull a cube out of the compostable corn based seal inside your Travel Tin or Refill Box and Drop, Stir, Enjoy!  Ready in 30 seconds or less hot, 2 minutes iced.  No mess. No fuss. No waste.


When we decided to share Chris’s Clark's Cubes creation at community farmers markets and local grocery stores, our customers showed us that Clark’s Cubes are not just an easy way to reduce plastic packaging, but they are also perfect for camping, travel, replacing wasteful pods at the office, or as a gift.