Carry On Coffee and Tea That's As Travel Ready as You Are


I don't know about you, but I hate plane coffee. It's always either too weak, too strong, stale-tasting or just plain wrong. And the tea isn't much better (always only black and no caffeine free options—why??). I'm also always trying to travel light and don't have the means of bringing my preferred coffee or tea blends along with me.

But what if I told you that, instead of settling for substandard in-flight offerings, you could have a fresh cup of premium coffee in 30 sec—all without unnecessary bulk or weight?

That's the magic of Clark's Cubes. Offering single serve portions of premium teas and Colombian coffee with slightly sweet notes and a bold flavor, Clark's Cubes are the ideal travel companion whether you're on a plane, train, or cross-country road trip. Just drop 'em into a cup of hot water, stir until fully dissolved, and enjoy!

I bet you're waiting for the catch. Well, you'll have to keep waiting because Clark's Cubes Travel Tins are no mess, no fuss and weigh only 1.6 oz. Compact, lightweight and TSA compliant, Clark's is as adventure ready as you are.

So, no more settling: the next time you're on the go and craving convenient quality, just reach for a Cube.