Leave No trace

Clark's Cubes are 100% guilt free and completely sustainable. Our packaging

is Plastic free, plant-based and

are fully biodegradable.

Clark's Cubes are the perfect travel companion: lightweight, versatile and sustainable—with a great taste to boot! Our LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL TINS weigh in at just 48 g (that's half a deck of cards!)

Clark's Cubes reusable Travel Tin can either be refill with new sleeves from Clark's Refill Boxes or reuse for matches, fire-starter, band-aids and other odds and ends on the trail.

 Clark's Cubes are perfect for camping trips. Whether you're hiking, backpacking or bouldering, just drop 'em in a cup, add some water, stir and enjoy. 

Premium Taste

 Clark's Cubes are proudly made with Premium Colombian Coffee and

Tea from the Yunnan region in the South West of China. 

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Why go Cubed?