Leave No Trace with Clark's Compact Colombian Coffee Cubes


Clark's Cubes are the perfect camping companion: lightweight, versatile and sustainablewith a great taste to boot!

Lightweight & Compact

I'm often concerned about space and weight when I travel, especially when I'm trying to stuff everything I need into a single backpack. At just 48 g (that's half a deck of cards!), Clark's Travel Tins are always a welcome addition to my outdoor adventures. They're so compact and lightweight that I don't have to worry about unnecessary bulk or weight.

Hot or Cold: Anywhere, Anytime

I also love how versatile Clark's Cubes are. They're the perfect pick-me-up on the trailhot or cold, morning or night. They're great at the end of the day when I'm gathered with friends around the campfire and are an absolute lifesaver in the morning when I need my caffeine fix quick. They're just so easy. Drop 'em in a cup, add some water (8 oz recommended!), stir and enjoy. (Pro tips: fresh cold brew made with stream water is a total game-changer. If you like cold brew, that means you may not even have to pack a stove!)

Leave No Trace

Clark's is also completely sustainable. I don't know about you, but Leave No Trace is a lifestyle for me and my hiking buddies. It's super important to us that we are able to enjoy and connect with nature without damaging the environment as we explore. That's why I love that Clark's Cubes come in a durable Travel Tin that, when I run out of coffee, I can either refill with new sleeves from Clark's Refill Boxes or reuse for matches, fire-starter, band-aids and other odds and ends on the trail. And inside the tin, Clark's minimalist packaging is plastic free, plant-based and fully biodegradable, allowing me to enjoy the convenient luxury of a quick cup of coffee, 100% guilt free.

Premium Colombian Coffee

A lot of you are probably also wondering how Clark's Coffee Cubes taste. Well, I'm a bit of a coffee snob but am a huge fan of their premium Colombian coffee cubes. It's simply the best-tasting coffee I've ever had while camping!

Whether you're camping, hiking, backpacking or bouldering, I'm excited for you to try Clark's Cubes for great tasting, no fuss coffee on the go :)