Instant Coffee

There is more to instant coffee than you think!  Instant coffee is not a flavored powder that was made in a lab by a bunch of scientists.  It is actually coffee.  Essentially it’s a dried coffee concentrate that can be dissolved in cold or hot water to make a perfect cup of brewed coffee.  But the process for making it can drastically change the way that end product tastes.  It may appear to be one dimensional - almost like it’s something that we’re forced to drink so that we can get our daily dose of caffeine.  But the truth is that instant coffee is more than what we give it credit for!


Taste - How It’s Made

Making Instant Coffee is the process of brewing coffee, then removing the water so that you are left with a dehydrated powder.  Every brand has a slightly different process but there are two practices that are widely accepted as the industry norm.


Spray Dried 

Spray dried is a process that super heats coffee in order to rapidly evaporate the moisture.  This leaves behind a fine powder which can be rehydrated to make coffee.  In the instant coffee industry, this is the most common practice.  It’s efficient and affordable.  There’s only one problem.  Heating the coffee so quickly causes the leftover particulates of coffee still present in the concentrate to re-brew and burn.  The resulting flavor is ashy and gritty.

Freeze Dried
Freeze dried coffee is a process where coffee is frozen into sheets allowing moisture to evaporate in vacuum conditions.  The result is sheets of coffee that are then crushed and packaged to be later rehydrated and enjoyed.  Because this process does not require intense heat, it is a more true representation of coffee.  The final product is aromatic and the flavors are dark and true.

Health Benefits
Coffee contains caffeine, antioxidants, and vitamins making it a very healthy beverage.  Caffeine, According to the Wiley Online Library, enhances brain function leading to better mood and cognitive performance.  Many studies show that antioxidants present in coffee improve liver health as well as decrease the risk of diabetes and heart disease.   Instant coffee retains all of these benefits.

Studies from the National Library of Medicine show that the elements that make coffee such a great dietary supplement are also present in instant coffee.  In fact, instant coffee may be even more biologically accessible than fresh coffee.

Clark’s Cubes
We use freeze dried coffee in our product because it tastes great.  Coffee is meant to make you swoon.  The smell of it should wake you up and bring you to your senses.  The taste needs to be robust and delicious.  And with Clark’s Cubes you get that.  Our coffee contains all the health benefits that you need.  Not to mention our coffee has more caffeine than the average instant coffee brand.  What makes Clark’s Cubes competitive is that we have committed ourselves to producing the best coffee the market can offer.  We want to provide you with the best experience we can!

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